Global Game Jam 2013

This is an event which is held annually. This year it was in January the weekend of the 25-27, held at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  This event involves those who want to create a game/ level within a 48 hour time period. This was a very exciting event for the fact that we searched for a team in which you could push forward with and try to flesh out a game within a 2-day time span. In the beginning my friend Mitch and I were the 2 to start up our own team. He was the hard surface modeler responsible for modeling environments and props and I would be in charge of creating concepts for level and characters as well as modeling. So we had those two spots covered and we were searching for a programmer and an animator, to complete the team. We eventually found our programmer at a meet and greet the thursday before the event. Then soon afterward we added an animator to the crew to make a 4 man team hungry for churning out a game. The following day, friday, we were given a specific theme we had to incorporate into the game. This year is was a heartbeat sound effect. So as soon as they “blew the whistle”  we found a lab and claimed a corner of it our mini game studio haha. Next we all hankered down  and worked diligently, with the help of energy drinks for lack of sleep, water and food that was served by the awesome staff.  As the clock ticked it became closer and closer to the end of the 48 hrs. Once it was all said and done we had our game, which we titled “Heart Attack Man”. This was then set up for all of the other GGJ teams to play. It was a blast seeing what everyone else had come up with. This was an incredible event and I’m glad I was able to participate in it.

Here is a link to the game

ps. The original game was played with use of a controller, just in case you were wondering why there are others instructions when you pause the game.

These are the 4 individuals and what they contributed, that made this game possible.

Ken Outwater- Story, Concept Artist, Character Modeler, curly hair

Mitch Walker- Story, Environment Modeler, Prop Modeler, tennis ball for brainstorming

Tyler Mullins- Story, Programmer, Game Mechanics, computer

Nick Smith- Story, Animator, Prop Modeler, hat


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